November 30, 2008

Untitled (Baby), 1973, Paul Thek


Sunday night is not a good time to have questions that Google can't answer. Like what is the deal with this sculpture by Paul Thek? Or even, where is it?

According to the Paul Thek Project website, which is an experiment in documenting Thek's pioneering installations, the artist created a work called "The Baby Room" for an exhibition in Lucerne in 1973. There's no indication, though, that Untitled (Baby) was part of it. Otherwise, Thek ended 1973 by creating Ark, Pyramid - Christmas, a Nativity-related installation/performance [he called them environments or processions] at the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum in Germany. Maybe that's where it's from.

Several pics and blurbs: Paul Thek's Worship Zone [dennis cooper via, umm]
The Man Who Couldn't Get Up [frieze, 1995]

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