November 25, 2008

Foreskins: The New Trend In Danish Modern Design

After banning female circumcision last year, the Danish Parliament is now considering a ban on male infant circumcision. In the case of religious or culturally dictated circumcisions, they would have to wait until the kid is 15 and can make decisions for his own body undr Danish law.

Whatchoo lookin' at, counsellor? Politicians eyeing circumcision ban [ via dt reader sara]


Hmmm...I'm seeing a bit of a disconnect between the proposed ban and the clean, minimalistic design for which the Danish are known.

less is more?

shouldn't that be 'more is less'?

Since secular circumcision is not commonly practiced outside North America, actually really the US, this isn't something unusual in Denmark. There have been a number of European countries that have considered, but not yet implemented bans, while Australia has also been considering one.

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