November 25, 2008

Fantastique! Papa Built His Kids A Birds Nest In 70's France

Readers of the previous Ikea post may have the mistaken impression that I disapprove of the "shipping palette aesthetic." Pas de tout.


I mean, just check out this insane kids room built by a dad somewhere in France sometime in the 1970's. The dad was an architect whose kids said they wanted to live high off the ground like birds. So he created this oblique playground-like structure with integrated desks, seating, and roll-proof beds. The ramps also create interesting play spaces underneath and around it. Plus, there's that bookshelf. I assume since it's France, there are no closets. Or personal injury lawyers.

The project was published in 1979 in L'art d'installer les chambres d'enfants, an idea book for kidspaces by Marc Berthier and Alain Chauvel, which was part of a room-specific l'Art d'installer series put out by Alta Marie Claire. [Berthier, btw, is the designer of the Tykho Radio, that rubber radio you almost buy every time you go to the MoMA Design Store.]


French kid design blog Mon cabanon posted the original scan and the accompanying text, as well as another interesting DIY bunkbed project from the book; Jenn at Minor Details has the english translation.

Judging from the other photos from the book [like the ones above, posted by Japanese rare book dealer Chikai Moon], the birds nest looks like the most interesting project by far. If you want to find out for yourself, you just need 10-20 euros and a bit of high school french to get you through the checkout process.

de l'audace! [moncabanon via minor details]
Search for L'Art d'installer les chambres d'enfants on or wherever used French books are sold []

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Thanks for the link! This is so cool and definitely to be kept in my files for the next kids' room!

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