November 21, 2008

Strolling Thunder: The Oakley Roddler


The Oakley Custom Roddler has been sitting in my browser tabs for a week, ever since I found it on Kid Kustoms' blog. It was apparently designed as a one-off showpiece for Oakley's headquarters. Though I could never quite figure out the Oakley-military connection, I have to say, it looks pretty sweet.

Though every Roddler is theoretically customizable, the Oakley Roddler was several steps beyond, and includes custom quilted leather and matte finish paint in vintage milspec colors, plus some dogtags, plus a WWII saddlebag--which kind of confuses me, at least conceptually, because the POW/MIA flag is there, too, and that's clearly a post-Vietnam era development. Perhaps the Oakley Roddler is the ultimate ride for the offspring of a sunglass-wearing uber-collector of military artifacts.

I'm trying here, I really am. And I know it officially debuted a couple of weeks ago, but the Oakley Roddler hit the bigtime Thursday with posts on Gizmodo and some other major blogs. And that was right after the Marc Jacobs For Bugaboo dropped, And the morning after Quinny held a luxe launch party for their Henrik Vibskov x Quinny collection.

And it's also the day that Citi, the country's largest bank, announced 53,000 layoffs and its stock was circling the drain. And the day the US auto industry teetered on the edge. I guess crazy times like these just call for crazy strollers.

Refining the art of science for Oakley [kidkustoms blog]
Excellent photos: 2009 Kid Kustoms Oakley Roddler [seriouswheels via gizmodo, thanks to like ten readers, who clearly have me pegged]

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