November 18, 2008

Muji ABC & Kanji Stamp Sets

You know the old saying: there are no atheists in Muji Xmas Gift Departments. Once again, the minimalist, eco-friendly, no-frills retailer has come up with a giant mountain of stuff I want to buy.


First up in the Mujimix: great little stamp sets of the alphabet and kanji characters. A couple of Christmases ago we scored big by giving canvas tote bags the kid had decorated herself at Muji's in-store stamp stations. Now you can re-create that DIY fun at home.

The kanji set features ten characters chosen for their complex aesthetics and their random, upbeat meanings. Which makes them perfect for creating awesome, temporary redneck tattoos. Hopefully there'll be a martial arts expansion set soon with the characters for "strength" and "power."

Muji Alphabet Stamp Set, £7.95 [ via dt spotter jan]
Muji Kanji Stamp Set, £7.95 []


Does it really matter what they say? The kind of people who get kanji tattoos can't read them anyway.

BTW, I was just getting over the fact that we're not taking a trip to Japan this fall for the first time in years until you posted this... thanks! :)

Oh let me count the ways that I love Muji. Even tried to carry it here in the shop years ago before realizing that it was just a pipedream.

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