November 14, 2008

Whoops, Happy Belated Birthday, Minivan!

The wife's representing at the official opening of some gigantic observatory in Argentina, so I've been a little overbooked the last few days. Otherwise, I'm sure I totally would have been celebrating the 25th anniversary of Chrysler's Dodge Caravan as the Birth of The Minivan. [*cough* Fiat Multipla 600 *cough cough*]

And then I would have cheered on Jalopnik's feature on the Ten Greatest Minivans of All Time, even though like 2/3 of them have already been on Daddy Types. Because let's face it, that's the only way a minivan is gonna get on this site. [You keep right on moving, #11.]

The list's a little scattershot, with both mainstream MPV's like the Honda Odyssey and the Mazda M5, and crazy one-offs like the Renault F1 Espace and the Ford SHOstar. But the end result is that it makes me want to track down a clean&tight, early 1990's Toyota Previa. Man, I loved those things.

The Ten Greatest Minivans Of All Time [jalopnik]


Hey Greg, you missed your chance the other week to pick up your Multipla down in Hilton Head. I missed the auctions so I don't know if it made its estimate of 40-50K (!!?), but if you drovethis around NYC, I think you'd be eligible for some kind of award from Mayor Bloomberg, no?
More pics of HHI Concours here.

that's beautiful, original interior + restoration, plus 15k miles for just $42k? [38,000 bid +10% premium, which means they probably started at $30 or $35, and only had two people bidding. The first guy, who wouldn't pay more than $35, and the second guy who won it.

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