November 13, 2008

Solar-Powered Stroller At Tokyo Design Week

Design Week - student's exhibition, originally uploaded by pingmag.

Somebody from somewhere showed this concept study for a solar-powered stroller at 100% Futures, the student exhibition at Tokyo Design Week.

I can't find credits for the designer. I can't find a map of the venue to triangulate the name of his or her school. I can't figure out what the solar power powers. Or how this would fit on the train. Or where you put the frame after you load the seat into the car.

Was it really even there? Or is it one of those legendary Japanese ghost strollers, sent to haunt practical-minded bloggers with their lack of background information and useless niftiness? So white... So pretty... Must post...

another info-free sighting. And another. They're all around me!


No help from me, other than the solar panel totally looks like a roll-up windowshade. Which is obviously the reason for the shape of the frame... if that thing were in reach the kid would never leave it alone!


Maybe, it makes the little fan spin? And the doll/mobile? Because it would be really hard to use the motion of the wheels spinning to power the fan and mobile... but I'm sure that's where I need to start picking nits with this thing.

Maybe you don't need to put it in your car if it is solar powered. Maybe you just drive it.

I thought the solar panels looked like a roll-up window shade to me too.

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