November 13, 2008

Cookie In The Oven?


The upscale online boutique is selling this fetus-shaped cookie cutter for $10, and that's all I'll have to say about that.

update: Except to add that Jason Higgins, the creator of Fetal Bites, The Original Fetus-shaped Cookie Cutter, has surfaced on BoingBoing to rightly claim a bit of the glory--and that sweet, retail margin--from one of his more aggressive wholesalers.

Fetal Bites cookie cutter, by Hogmalion & Co. []
Fetus Cookie Cutter, $9.99 [ via boingboing and craftzine]
Also via craftzine: HOWTO make your own damn cookie cutters from clip art and a foil pan []


That picture is so cool. You have a very nice blog, I will be back to read more thanks for posting!

Needs some frosting and some sprinkles!!!

Looks nicer than the pre-life video the Catholic Church made me watch in 1985 at a "religious release day" in Morristown, MN

Can you eat the cookies if you cook them all the way? Or can you only eat them if they are partially cooked?

Does a cookie begin at mixing, or when you take it out of the oven?

What? I came here to pass the Fetal Bites link over, and it looks like you had this a day ago. Be sure to check out the Fetal Bites video...can't beat the song.

@ Scott - I read somewhere in a related post that life begins at confection.

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