November 10, 2008

The School Search

Regular readers will have noticed a drop in posting volume recently. Myself, I have noticed a steady increase in the number of open browser tabs and flagged-yet-unread/unanswered emails with tips, questions, and press releases.

I usually try to tee up Daddy Type posts in the morning, so I can have the day cleared for work and the kids. But the last few weeks, we've been going on a lot of visits, tours, and interviews related to the kid's kindergarten next year, and it's kind of thrown our routine off something fierce. The cone of silence around the kid's preschool life will probably remain, though there's so much I want to get off my chest about this private school-hunting process, I'll probably trade it in for a cone of generality.

Meanwhile, keep dancing on the graves of skanky makeover mall chains, and if you've emailed me recently, give me another few days to get back.


Yikes. Scary. I've seen the documentary film about the 20K a year K schools in NYC. Sounds fun. Has everyone given up on NYC Public schools?

It's not just NYC. A private school in Denver will easily run $12k. Which is considerably more than I paid to attend college. In a foreign country. And yes, the public school system here is pretty disastrous.'s about $15k per year for the French Maternelle here, that's preschool and kindergarten, the price goes up for grade school and beyond. Considering that the school day is from 8:30 to 3pm and that they had two days off for Columbus Day, a one week vacation in October, three days off around Veterans Day, and we're looking at three days off for Thanksgiving, two weeks off for Christmas, etc. we're paying about $4000 per hour (yes? I was an art major not a math major).

I just met with an admissions director at a NYC school and it is $34k for K this year.
Greg, please post about the school process! I am so overwhelmed and freaked out!

I used to teach preschool, so I know your pain. Even here in Louisville, KY it's $8000 a year for a private preschool (full day) and private grade schools run from $8000-$16000. A lot of the parents I knew managed it somehow. Anything but public schools. KY public schools are some of the worse you'll ever see.

Look. There's a big difference between 20-34K a year and $8-$12. I guess you people in NYC all have salaries (or trust funds) that compensate for the increase cost of living.

Actually, just found out today we are looking at more like $15k. But $34k, damn. You'd have to be a high flying Lehman Brothers investment banker to afford that. Oh wait.

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