November 9, 2008

Obamadorable Photos From The Night Before In Manassas, Virginia

P1040550, originally uploaded by nvidutis.

The time will probably come when I'll lose interest in tearjerking, heartwarming, and slightly too symbolically overdetermined photographs of dads, kids, and Barack Obama. That time is not yet.

See how it turns out: Obama's Last Rally in VA | Photoset [nida vidutis' flickr stream via ezra klein on, thanks dt reader jonathan]
Nida emailed her story about the photos and the rally to April Winchell []


Hey, what an awesome picture. Thanks for sharing it.

All the best

I can’t believe how fortunate our kids are to grow up during this time. When Obama asked the question of, “What changes will our children see,” it filled my head with amazing possibilities. I do think society will only continue to grow more tolerant and kind.

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