November 7, 2008

What Do You Make Of This? There's A Sale At Amazon!


Amazon's Baby Store is holding "4-Day Super Sales-Every Weekend in November."

Which is funny, because weekends are only two days long. No matter, I'm sure they used all their math skills to calculate "Big Savings" on such things as the P'kolino Book Buggee:


Which normally sells for $44.90, but is available this weekend only [!?] for just $39.92, a whopping 11% off. "The Deals Get Bigger Every Week!" they say. I'd certainly hope so. Daddy Types gets a little kickback from purchases at Amazon, so I'm always happy to give them a plug--even if their sale is more sizzle than steak.

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There are tons of truly great deals (not just 11% off) on this site. Lots of 75% off finds. And its cool stuff too, stuff you might actually want to buy.

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