November 7, 2008

PLAY Mobile! Sweet Rocking Cycle At Designblok 2008

PLAY!, originally uploaded by pavelm.

Will the owner of the velo-tastic tubular rocking horse parked in front of the giant P L A Y sign at Designblok 08 in Prague come forward please? Your design awesomeness is shining right in my eyes.


Whoa. Pretty amazing because of what's NOT there. Hope the American designers take a page from this "less is more" lesson.

That's so beyond fantastic.

Ouch. That looks like an emergency room visit waiting to happen. (I was a klutzy kid.) What's with the pokey "horse" head waiting to give my five-year-old self stitches??

a horse-shaped divot in the kid's forehead= a toy he'll remember his whole life

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