November 7, 2008

It's The End Of The World As You Know It

You live in San Francisco. You find out you're having a kid, which means you'll never be able to hop in the car with your friends on a whim and just go wherever ever again. What better way to celebrate your last gasp of kid free-dom than by piling all your young married friends into a fleet of Priuses and head to a cabin on the Russian River, where you spend a week drinkin' bad beer and worse wine, sittin' in the hot tub, and shootin' BB guns? Am I right??

Oh, and if your friends with kids want to bring'em, that's cool.

Laugh and Be Merry -- Tomorrow We're Growing Up [nyt]


We've lived in San Francisco for years and have never met these people, I'm happy to say. But of course we have a kid, and I'd rather hang out with him anyway.

beautiful writing. the boomers children make their own. thanks for sharing.

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