November 6, 2008

Beaba Babycook By Svan: The Innovation Award Is For Actually Answering The BPA Question


So early in the summer, Williams-Sonoma began selling the Beaba Babycook, a miraculous food processor/steamer/reheater from France that had been a grey market importing sensation for a couple of years.

The only problem: Bisphenol-A [BPA] awareness had kicked in this year, and the Babycook's food container was labeled in some places as polycarbonate, the exact kind of plastic cited as the source of the potentially toxic chemical. Actually, that problem was compounded by conflicting information and evasiveness on the part of the manufacturer and the distributor/retailer. Oh, and some phony sock puppet comments left by Beaba personnel on blog posts critical of BPA.

So when the Beaba Babycook turned up at this year's ABC Kids Expo distributed by the upstanding baby gear company Svan--and when it went on to win a JPMA Innovation Award--I was just shaking my head.

Fortunately for all involved, Jeremiah at ZRecs was doing more. And so did the folks at Svan. As Jeremiah reported from ABC, Svan knew the baby gear market was sensitive to the BPA issue, so they did their own testing on the Babycook, and only decided to distribute it when those tests came back negative; the Babycook's canister is not polycarbonate, and it's BPA-free. It's a chemical/JPMA saga with a rare happy ending, and it's worth it to check out Jeremiah's post on the whole affair, and then start saving up your money to buy one of these miracle baby food makers yourself.

The power of reputation: Svan cleans up Williams-Sonoma and Beaba's BPA mess [ via dt commenter drew d4ew]
Beaba Babycook: BPA-free [zrecommends]
previously: BPAwesome? the Beaba Babycook


I mean, if SVAN says it.... i believe it.....

and the 4 is intentional......... :-)

Hi, what about babymoov bebedelice product ?

what about it? You are the manufacturer, perhaps you can tell us.

Well, I'm not the manufacturer of the bebedelice -- and I would like to know...IS the babymoov bebedelice BPA-free?

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