November 5, 2008

Hmm, Am I Missing Something About This Obama Thing?

Because so far, it's not working for me.

So last night after the big speech, we're feeling pretty good, getting ready for bed, and my wife mentions all the bowls from the Obama cookies we made, "I'll do the dishes in the morning." And I'm all, "No, no, don't worry. Obama will do it."

And we're talking about the schedule this morning, how to juggle preschool dropoff, K2's nap, and a kindergarten tour, and I'm all, "No sweat, Obama can take the kid to school."

image: the kid's last Obama cookie, plus Obama tofu.


If you figure out how to tap into that one, let me know..I have an electric bill that he's supposed to cover for me

yes, i am still waiting on the unicorn to take my kids to school, and the rainbows to guide the way..

I woke up a bit late this morning, after staying up a bit late last night watching the returns come in. Today, my bills are the same, my dog continues to pee in the house, I still have to return phone calls that I'm not crazy about...

...In other words, everything is still the same.

But today, I feel hope.

Last night, the world changed. I remember the exact moment of the 9/11 tradegy; the place, the fear, the chaos. The moment the world knew there would be a President Obama will be a similar moment of hope, love, unity, and triumph for millions and millions of believers.

Yes we can.

Most will never know the journey of African-American pioneers. But to see the tears overwhelm the eyes of Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, T.D. Jakes, and Rolin Martin witnessed privately to me that, indeed, "we shall overcome."

When I was a young kid growing up on a poor, eastern Kentucky holler, I remember the conversations with my father, telling me, "Son, you can be anything you want in this country. Someday, I hope you're the President."

Last night, millions of African-Americans parents were able to believe in that dream for their children, too.

Sorry for getting heavy on your blog. Today, as a veteran of 2 conflicts overseas, a Mormon, a business owner, a father, a the poster boy of the republican, I am proud to be an American.

No, your not missing a thing! All those that voted for him, missed it!

I guess a majority of Americans are totally clueless, Michelle. Thank God we have the insight of the bitter minority to balance the hope and feeling that we all have a larger stake in representative government than the last eight years of secrecy, stonewalling and cronyism have led us to believe. Palin '12 MIRITE?

Amazing, really. Perhaps now stupidity will go back out of style.

Only sorry to see that Prop 8 may win. I guess we still have too many fearful sheep following the guidance of church monies. I guess I missed the part about Jesus being a bigot.

Silly people, Obama's only President Elect at this point. It's after the inauguration that he'll start doing your dishes, paying the electric bills and freeing the unicorns to help with transporting the wee ones.


And in the meantime... I'll still be over here waiting on all those unkept promises Bush made ohhh eight long years ago...

I bet Obama will change a lot in the White House, but I hope he keeps that Honor and Integrity around... Bush went through all that trouble to restore it just 8 years ago.

it's going to be a tough job for anyone. Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is ;)

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