October 30, 2008

The Crazy Babyswingers Of WTFistan

I guess they don't have nursemaid's elbow in whatever country it is where circus people swing their babies around like a sack of unwanted kittens.

I'll start researching this clip, but if anyone can ID the language of the song--perhaps you have an encyclopedia collection of "Everybody was Kung Fu fighting" cover versions on your iPod?--I'd be much obliged.

[update: looks like YouTube removed the video because it depicted dangerous/hazardous actions--screenshots of which are after the jump. Needless to say, even if you're a Romanian acrobat, don't try this at home.]

Child Abuse or Baby Gymnastics? [israelsa and/or israaaael's youtube, via boingboing]





Aiiieeeeee! Cannot believe the baby was SMILING at the end. My shoulders are all hunched up in a perma-cringe now.

Head's up that this video is no longer available on You Tube. Sorry I missed it!

that's even crazier. i downloaded it, though...for research purposes.

It looks crazy to me, but I know that 3B would come up laughing like that baby and say, "Want to do that again" until my shoulders separated.

Someone on Boing Boing said that the song was in Hebrew. Also, WTF???

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