October 30, 2008

Not Luigi Colani?? Another Non-German Engineering Scandal


Where's Brooke Shields when German engineering and design need her? First, we were forced to contemplate the reality that the "German engineered" VW Routan minivan is, in fact, a reskinned Chrysler Town & Country.

And now, it turns out that this awesome elephant bank given out in the 1970's by Dresdener Bank was not designed by Luigi Colani at all. Someone completely different!


The only elephant Colani designed was the striped elephant logo/mascot for Caparol, the paint and pigment company, and that wasn't until 1984. At least that's what Herr Professor Colani told the fastidious editor of Colani.jp, a fan who has since taken on the mission of correcting the world's misconceptions about Colani, one eBay auction at a time.

So now rather than having a Luigi Colani classic to celebrate, we are left with a mystery; an adorable, elephant-shaped, plastic mystery. Anyone know who designed it?

Colani Design: Dresdener Elephant Bank: Yes or No?
Previously: NOT! Suh-weet Elephant Bank by Luigi Colani

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