October 30, 2008

Gregslist: Blobby Architect Wants To Recycle Your Toys Into Furniture

Remember last month how I mocked the Venice Biennale-winning installation, Recycled Toy Furniture by blob-loving architect Greg Lynn for being neither recycled, nor toy, nor furniture?

I mean, seriously, you expect me to believe there are giant, plastic ride-on eggplants?? What, are they by Little Tikes?


Uh, Chicco, actually. And Lynn's California architecture firm is ready and willing to buy yours off you right now. Send a picture, and he'll send a check and a box, no foolin'. He's also looking for a couple of Little Tikes rocking toys, and some kickboards by Big Toys.

Mi scusi, senor l'architetto.

We Want Your Toys [glform.com via things]
Greg Lynn's Recycled Toy Furniture somehow wins Venice Biennale

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