October 25, 2008

On The Road With Misters T And JDG


Jim found a 1983 coloring book, On The Road With Mr. T in a thrift store. "The captions were incredibly boring," he says, "so I rewrote some of them." And how. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine what those original captions might have been.

Now and forever, the caption of the picture above will be, "Mr. T is sorry for what he did. He would like to offer you a bushel of Maryland crabs."

On The Road With Mr T - A Coloring Book [sweet-juniper.com]
Download the PDF version - 6.6Mb [sweetjuniper.org .org?]


.com and .net were taken by a painter in Iowa who really loved Bo Bice.

wait till you see the next mr. t coloring book.

JDG, you had me at "I drink your milkshake, fool."

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