October 23, 2008

Duly Noted

Time: Just now.
Place: Right here.

Me: Hey Kid, time to get out of the bath.

Kid: OK.

Me: Get your pajamas on, and then come watch this Obama thing with me.

Kid: No thanks. I'm not as instrested in him as you are.

Me: ...OK.


See, that just goes to show how hip those Manhattan kids are.
The election is already just so last year.

My kid decided she was for Obama today. But she's still not as interested in him as we are. It was, however, possibly our best car conversation ever. (Note that she's 4 and a half, so her ideas on politics are a bit, um, eccentric).

Here's the car conversation:

Two six-year-olds on the swings of a playground a couple weeks ago:

A: "I like Barack Obama better than McCain. I hope he wins."
B: "I like Obama too. But who's president now?"
A: "Nobody is president now. That's why we need a new one."
B: "Oh."

p.s. Isn't "Signed Sealed Delivered" a bold musical choice for Obama's exit music? I mean, it seems he has it all but wrapped up, but still...

Smart kid!
(someone had to)

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