October 16, 2008

The Straws Are Rockets Firing Up To Kill The Meteors

See, that's the grass and the dirt and the sky down there on the paper, and the straws are the rockets, which are flying up into space to kill the meteors before they crash into earth.

I was about to tell the kid the truth, that actually, the meteor was destroyed by a plucky band of oil rig workers led by Bruce Willis, Violet Affleck's dad Ben, and their crazy friend Steve "Rockhound" Buscemi. But then I realized how important it is for folks in the missile-based defense systems industry to preserve their childlike sense of imagination.

And besides, she's getting a $500 million contract from the Pentagon to cover the cost of all that Scotch tape, so I'm keeping my mouth shut.

Armageddon [imdb]
Asteroid near-miss prompts calls for astronomy funding [abc.net.au]
tangentially related, but awesome: "Full Spectrum Dominance," photos of missile launches by Simon Norfolk [michaelhoppengallery via things]


Do I detect a dig at defense contractors in there somewhere? I'm hurt!

Beautiful artwork, Greg.

You know that the actual intent of the original game is not to destroy meteors, but protect six California cities from nuclear holocaust, right? A threat so scary (and real in the early '80's) that the programmer had nightmares while creating it.

So, maybe stick with the meteor theory with the kid for now.

I am familiar with the work of Professor Stephen Falken.

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