October 10, 2008

DT Freakout Of Town Edition

We're traveling this weekend, landed in Las Vegas late last night, drive-thru In 'n Out, and on to St George, Utah for a little volcano hiking and grandparent time. Posting will be a little light, or at least a little oddly timed the next few days.

And what with the global economy collapsing and the Republican party I grew up in being transformed by McCain and Palin into a dimwitted, rednecked, lynch mob, there's already plenty to freak out about without my help.


So consider this story about the Tennessee 10-year-old who flipped his family's fan doing 90mph to be pure entertainment. And even if the dad's t-shirt points to the kid as an enabler/accomplice, at least he was responsible enough to take the old man's keys away.

I'm still waiting to hear they were on the way to a Sarah Palin rally. Have a great weekend and drive safely, kids!

10-Year-Old Flips Van At 90 MPH [wsbtv.com via dt reader jj daddy-o]


I must point out a few things:
a) Dads name is Randy (what else?)
b) You cannot see if he has a mullet in the booking photo, but what are the odds?
c) Randy is "a man who told police he had drank at least 15 beers" and was accompanied in this vehicular adventure by "a woman who was trying to swallow as many pills as she could when deputies arrived at the scene".

You mean the Republican party was in good shape before McCain? I've got a feeling Johnny's just nailing the last spike in.

Yeah, technically, the Republican party I grew up in was Ford's, so it wasn't that great to begin with.

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