October 8, 2008

E15 Children's Tafel For The Glorious People's Revolution


When the revolution comes--and at this rate, we'll all be citoyening each other by Thanksgiving--I hope the mob will go easy on Belgian designer Hans de Pelsmacker. Sure, the child-sized version of the HP01 table/bench he designed in 2000 for the German company E15 may make him look guilty of High Crimes Of Kids Furniture Excess Against The Ikean Proletariat. But ask yourself this question:

WHY is the HP01 made out of 2 5/8" thick slabs of oak--or in the case of the adult-sized version, optional hand-welded, hand-finished slabs of aluminum over a steel armature? Because de Pelsmacker knows that once they're stormed, looted, and secured, modernist mansions, with all their floor-to-ceiling glass, are hard to hold and defend. So what he's been doing since 2000, clearly, is pre-positioning loot-proof, bullet-proof, molotov cocktail-proof children's tables in the playrooms and gardens of the rich so they'll be ready for our use!

Thank you, Comrade de Pelsmacker, for saving our lives in advance! Me? What? No! Of course I didn't get this Goldman Sachs gym bag at an offsite; I-- I plundered it! Off with their MBA heads!

Product Database | HP01 Tafel children [e15.com via the moment]
HP01 children's table by E15, £2,060 + international shipping, lead time: 30-40 working days yeah workers! [nest.co.uk]
Previous revolutionary goodness from e15: Geoff McFedtridge's Monster Dice

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