October 7, 2008

Curry Rice. K2 Eats Curry Rice.

Curry Rice Bento Boxes, originally uploaded by SnoopyBento.

I'm sort of getting used to K2 demanding to eat whatever we're eating, but even I thought it was crazy when she devoured an entire bowl of curry rice quicker than a starving Japanese college student.

Bu then I stumbled into the Twin Cities of flickr food photo obsession, What I Had For Lunch Today and Bento Boxes I Made For My Kid Today, and I realized I had no idea what curry crazy was.

See also: "This photo also belongs to: Lunches to go (Set); Preschooler lunches (Set); Show Me Your Lunch! (Pool); Kid Eats (Pool); Curry Rice (Pool) ..." [lunchinabox's flickr stream]


Our daughter used to eat anything we were eating without hesitation. But when she started pre-school, she started eating with other kids and is now unfortunately very familiar with the concept of being picky. The list of acceptable foods has dropped precipitously. But at least she still likes sushi.

We've always fed our daughter the stuff we eat, too, and she's got a very good variety of foodstuffs she likes (including sushi)... If anything, it means one less meal we have to cook every night.

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