October 6, 2008

You Take A Seat, I'll Take That Sweet Berceau De Maternité


No, the other one. Let's face facts: France is a nation in love with crazy bassinets, so it's no wonder that French "families who demand design" would choose a shagadelic, egg-shaped bassinet that matches their Seat Altea XL over the awesome, industrial minimalism of the hospital's own standard issue. Me, I'll take the plexi and chrome n'importe quel jour, bébé.


See the full ad: Seat Photoshopping Disaster [gaduman.com via psd, thanks dt reader cynthia]
Seat Altea XL site [seat.com]
Just so you know: hospital bassinet = berceau de maternité, which is EUR398, with VAT [equipmedical.com]


I'd rather have the red one, though. It would match our high chair.

By the way, I was intrigued by the title of the link "Seat Photoshopping Disaster", which shows a doctor walking away carrying one of these bassinets over his shoulder rather than pushing it. The blog author assumed it was a photoshop error, but a person claiming to be the "retoucheur" chimed in and said that the guy really did carry it that way. So either the wheels don't work or it's so light, it seemed like a logical thing to do.

OMG. It took my breath away. Literally... I'll have to wait til our dollars get back on track (if it evers.. )

(no. not the red one)

The French plexi bassi is even cooler than the ones we have in the US. But no storage cabinets below. Where would the hospital staff put all the free formula samples?

I wouldn't trust the "retoucheur" further than I could throw one of those bassinets. Aside from the illogical decision to carry rather than push the bassinet, it would seem that certain laws of physics are being violated as well.

The laws of physics aren't really being violated. It's just slung over his shoulder (that's also explained by several people (not just the retoucheur) in the comments).

What brand makes these bassinets? I would love to have one. I saw a carriage in Paris like this a few years back yet have never been able to locate the manufacturer. Any recommendations?

which one are you talking about? The red one is a prop. The steel one is linked right under the picture, click to buy.

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