October 6, 2008

Phil & Teds Peanut: The Last Shiny Metal Bassinet Of The Day


"Pimp your ride" this and "graffiti homies" that, get some "adapt-itude" so you can deal with "those little mother suckers!" The Phil & Teds website is so busy being so damn edgy in every possibly edgy way, you'd think all they sell is ringtones. But no, they have products actual products, things you can hold in your hand. Or clip onto your Vibe so your kid can sleep uninterrupted while you, uh, roll around your 'hood with your tagging crew.

The Peanut bassinet is a curvy aluminum and cordura bassinet that stands alone or snaps onto the Vibe, which it matches perfectly. In classic Phil & Teds style, it has no obvious protection from the sun. Also, it has no price or availability information. Expect at least one of these situations to be remedied soon. Until then, you can stare at its edgy awesomeness online. Sorry, I meant "online!"

Peanut: Va-voom styling for home & away sleep assurance! [philandteds.com via dt reader kristina]

1 Comment

I did get an email back from Regal Lager Rep. saying that there will be a shade of some sort. But as this is the prototype, she dosn't know what it will look like.

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