October 3, 2008

Kind + Jugend '08 Stroller Rally

How about some good, old-fashioned strollerporn reveals from the kind pressefolk at kind + jugend? There were several new models from well-known--HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THAT THING, AND WHERE CAN I GET ONE WITHOUT THE VELOUR???


We'll get back to that in a minute.


Brio is to wooden trains what IBM is to the PC; the venerable Swedish toy giant set the standard, then got whooped by a bunch of made-in-Asia clones. Since being taken over in 2004, The company's been trying to leverage its nostalgic brand across a whole range of Brio-colored products, such as crazy high chairs, minimalist nursery furniture--and now as we see above, less-crazy high chairs and strollers.


The Brio stroller collection looks like a full retooling, or at least a reskinning, of the dowdy buggies sold across Scandinavia by the company's European Nursery Group subsidiary. Just a question: what do Scandinavians use those gigantic underseat trays for, hauling firewood to the sauna?


Taga is a Dutch startup which won a K+J Innovation Award for re-creating a 100-year-old bike by mounting a Bugaboo Gecko seat on the front of an Eindhoven pig farmer's tricycle. I'm as glad as the next city-dwelling treehugger to see a good bicycle x baby mashup, but the Taga looks several inflexible iterations away from being actually useful. Maybe someone in Copenhagen can tell me why I'm wrong.


Meanwhile, over in the actual Bugaboo booth--oh, wait, that's the Takata folks. Those car seats look mighty nice. [No, I'm not fishing for a sample, please.] Plus it's gotta help Bugaboo's Japanese sales to have a stroller [the Bee] that actually fits through the turnstiles on the trains.


And speaking of Japan and colabos: how would these Aprica x Fendi stroller mashups differ from a Bugaboo By x Victoria's Secret?


I mean, you're never going to get within a hundred yards of either one, but the Bug x Vic mashup would at least acknowledge your non-female existence.


Romer is like the second-biggest car seat company in Europe, I think, after Maxi-Cosi. And they are seriously stepping up their game with the new BabySafe, which combines all the laying flatness of a carrycot/bassinet with all the actual safety of an infant seat. It has as many air vents as the craziest Aprica Marshmallow J-Turn, and it even fits on the rather unfortunately proportioned Britax Vigour stroller.

Check this zoom out: the BabySafe properly installs sideways on your backseat, with two shoulder belts. Would that ever fly in the US? Forget that, would that ever fly to the US? How many airline seats would it take up? You'd have to be paying in euros to even afford to leave the house.

Let's see, am I forgetting anything?


Yeah, I'd hate to see the BabySafe in a test crash.

But more importantly, WHAT is that first one, and HOW MUCH do I love the crazy wheels?!

I'm with shriek house. Tell me more about that first stroller. The rest of these look like other products but a little bit worse. The first one looks like something new. I love the wheels. Where can we learn more about them. I would imagine that they rank pretty low in terms of practicality and pushability but, Wow!

It actually looks like a pretty awful stroller in a lot of ways but Those Wheels.

I know you've been to Iceland- you didn't see Brio strollers everywhere? Amongst the Emmaljungas, I mean. When we were in Norway this summer I swore that every Norwegian child must get a Brio stroller by birthright. There was a "lightweight" (by european standards) Brio that so many people had:


Though I like this pram:


Brio and a brand named Carena totally have the corner on the market there. This must be the #1 "lightweight" stroller in Norway:


As for the huge storage try thing, their roots are in prams with the wire shallow basket underneath, so it probably evolved into what we see today.

Sorry, guess those links don't work directly!

You may wish to know that the velour is recycled from original StarTrek uniforms.

What could be softer on your sexy-green-dancing-alien-love-child's bum?

And now that I've done my research, Carena and Brio strollers are made by the same company- guess they really do have a corner on the market!


Hopefully this my last post addendum :)

I came here for the strollers 2 years ago and you never let me down. Squeee!

That thing looks like a Mutsy-made stroller.

Hasn't peg perego and Bebeconfort made the carry cot that attaches to the car for years? The Navetta and the Windoo - I believe they attach the same way. They take up 2 seats in the car. and yeah - NO WAY would they pass any sort of standards here in the US. An infant would never be safer laying sideways compared to rear facing.

I like the velour. Please tell me where I can pick up one of those.

The velour's no impediment; the seat looks completely removable, and, hence, replaceable. I've been all over the Kind + Jugend press packet and can't find the name of this thing. DT?

Meant to add that I emailed the K+J press representative (in German and English) asking for the name and manufacturer, but will I hear back?

I heard back from them in a day or so, but I haven't gotten a reply from the mfr.

It's the Ljus Kron, which I believe is pronounced Jhoos Krone. It's Swiss.


Thanks for writing about Taga and for the great photo of the 1910 trike!
Though we're not from Copenhagen, we thought that official response would help here:

Taga is a special vehicle for urban parents and children, which combines the benefits of a stroller and a carrier bike. You can ride easily and safely on Taga with your child around the city and when you reach a mall or a restaurant you can convert it within seconds into a stroller and get into the building or use the elevator. We call it "Continuity" - a continous outdoor and indoor trip with a single vehicle.

Taga is a green solution, it is much fun to ride for both the parent and the child and it is much safer than cycling with a trailer or with a rear seat because the 3-wheel structure is more stable and because the child can be seen and protected by the parent. Taga was designed to meet the strictest safety standards and will soon get all required certifications

We encourage you to access Taga web site at www.taga.nl or email us any question you might have


Hagai Barak

Please let us know when you find the name of the manufacturer. I love the look of that Bicycle stroller!

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