October 1, 2008

Classic Cosco Chair In Rare, Sweet Rocker Format


These molded plastic Cosco chairs from the early 1970's are kid design classics, [don't they look nice in Swiss-Miss's living room?] though I always look at them funny when I remember they were originally intended to be used as car seats.

At least that was one of their uses. DT reader Mark sent in this remarkable eBay find: a Cosco booster seat with a rocking chair base. That is awesome. If anyone has any info on it, or if you had, have, or even have seen one before, let's hear about it.


Oh, and Mark snapped that bad boy up for $85, nearly double the going eBay rate for the regular seats. Still sounds like a rare bargain to me.


we have two of these with the normal base and are trying to decide if we should hang on to them now that both kids are getting too big for them...

Car seat- whoa! I think all we had were foam blocks. I just steel wooled the legs on our own flea market-found Cosco and it's ready for the nursery! Unfortunately it didn't come with a pad, but it looks pretty easy to make one then bolt it through the seat holes.
Too bad they didn't make these adult-size as well. Or I guess they wouldn't make an adult sized car seat...

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