September 25, 2008

DTQ: Is It The Powdered Formula That's Stinkin' Up Our Fridge?


Because we've cleaned that fridge like three times, it still smells funky. And that's after we put them squirrels Ma shot into double freezer bags, and even after we threw out the rest of that brie wheel I snagged from that picnic next to us at the park on Labor Day.

So does formula only smell bad after you make it? Are we the only people who keep the canister of formula powder in the fridge?

[update: whoops! My wife took the whole drawer assembly out this morning, and there was a blackening stick of string cheese [Horizon Organic in the wrapper, but still] wedged up there out of sight. Sorry, Big Formula, no hard feelings, right?]


Formula in the fridge? Um - you're the only people I know that do that. Have you tried baking soda in the fridge? Open box tucked in a corner, works in my house.

Yeah, just to be clear, we're not using formula in place of baking powder.

Nope, we keep it on the counter. I guess I've never read anything about keeping it in the fridge. Maybe there is a problem with condensation with the cooling and warming of the powder when taking it in and out to use it???

Eric J.

It clearly states on the formula's canister NOT to store the formula in the fridge. It acts like baking soda and absorbs all the odors in the fridge. So, yeah, you're the only person that I know how doesn't follow the formula's directions.

Yeah, kind of, but not. the fridge is also the driest spot in our humid life:

"Powder Storage: Store cans at room temperature. After opening can, keep tightly covered, store in dry area and use contents within 1 month. Do not freeze powder and avoid excessive heat."

Huh. We've been storing ours in the fridge mostly to keep the ants out. We live in a drafty old place, and ants get everywhere and into everything. I didn't want to have to throw out a $25 can of Alimentum, so into the fridge it went! The Critter is now on milk only, so we're relieved. Regardless of where it was stored, I *hated* the smell of formula - ugh!

It's all boob for now at our house so I can't speak from personal experience but I'd think that transferring your powder into a vacuum storage container would be a good way to keep moisture out and avoid the odor transfer that happens in the fridge.

P.S.: you need a preview feature for your comments.

Dunno, but since your formula mascot Jordan just launched a new perfume, maybe you can spritz some of that around the fridge.

I kept my daughter's formula in the fridge because we had so many ants - I don't remember formula having any sort of bad smell - and the formula didn't "go bad" from putting it in the fridge - she's just three and wearing 5 yr old clothing - she's definitely been getting her vitamins

Ugh. We had that problem, but it stemmed from simple things like that lone sippy cup of milk that has been pushed off the back of one of the top shelfs, and slid behind the back wall/light cover of the fridge. Hard to see, darn near impossible to get to, unless you take EVERYTHING out and undo things.

good luck!


Once a can of powdered baby formula is opened, store it in a cool, dry place. Always put the lid on the opened powder formula can before storing. Don't store the opened powdered formula can in the refrigerator. Only liquid formula concentrate or premixed liquid formulas should be refrigerated. ( )

And if you're worried about ants getting into the formula on the shelf, put the can of formula into a sealed ziploc bag (gallon size).

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