September 23, 2008

Guantanamo Bay Bouncy Cell, By Phillip Toledano


It's been a while since we've checked in with artist/photographer/awesome BabySuit maker Phillip Toledano around these parts, but he's been busy. Busy creating merchandise for his latest retail-esque project: America: The Gift Shop.

While some might say the products he proposes are so last season, like the Abu Ghraib bobble head doll, I'm sure he'd argue that they're more timeless classics, staples of any good "if foreign policy were a souvenir stand" conceptual exercise. [And as the election draws closer, what could be more timely than a Cheney shredding documents snowglobe?]

Anyway, the must-have is probably the Guantanamo Bay bouncy cell, authentic in every detail, except that you can get out at some point. Watch for it at edgier birthday parties near you. And then check back for the Consequence-Free Trillion Dollar Banker Bailout Fall/Winter Collection, which should ship any day.

America: The Gift Shop by Phillip Toledano [ thanks john]
Previously: The Baby Suit by Phillip Toledano

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