September 22, 2008

DTQ: Anyone Know This Wooden Dollhouse?


Maya from Covetable doesn't covet this wooden dollhouse, at least not anymore. She just got it from another parent who can't remember where it originally came from. Does anyone recognize it? There's apparently a partially worn off logo "with a heart inside," and a mention of Placerville, CA. Otherwise, the only clues are the seemingly well-finished, rounded edges and that handy handle cut into the roof.

Put a guesses or leads below:


It reminds me of Kinderkram

Hearthsong, before it became corporate? They (and a few other granola-type catalogs) were in the area for a long time, selling alternative, and generally wonderful (if hugely pricey) kids' stuff.

I'm not putting the link in, because Hearthsong isn't what it once was, at all. Plastic just doesn't cut it for me, even if it isn't Dorel.

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