September 19, 2008

If My Dad Was Voting For Obama, I'd Be Happy, Too

My Dad's Pick, Barack Obama by some happy kid in Michigan


[image chris carlson/ap via daylife]


That picture is like a defibrillator, jolting to life my cold, dead, cynical heart. The pure joy on that boy's face - not to mention the pride and honor on his dad's - is priceless. Beautiful picture, and it captures so many things wonderful and right about Barack in one moment. I need to go do something jaded and disaffected right now or my whole day will be lost because of this picture. Damn you, Daddy Types and Barack Obama. Damn you all to hell!

What an awesome picture. I want to hug that kid, too. Heck, he could probably successfully sell hugs for 5 bucks a pop.

McCain, not so much.

Wow! That really was an actual book???? As a non-american, I am amazed at the cover. It just seems a bit overkill, almost like an ironic comment.

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