September 18, 2008

Fleurville Calla: Still Coming Soon, Now With Pricing!


Wait, the Fleurville Calla by Yves Behar still exists? The Audi S8 Avant, the Bugaboo two-seater, the eight weeks paid paternity leave of high chairs is not a myth? Or even a one-off prototype that popped up at ICFF in 2006, only to vanish soon after like a delicate flower?

Well, Modern Day Dad not only spotted it at ABC Kids Expo, but it had a price tag! [$580, down from the original $750 whisper number] And a launch date! [Spring 2009] No photos allowed, always a good sign.

Calla High Chair by Fleurville @ ABC Kids [mdd at babble]
Calla Chair by Yves Behar []
May 2006: Calla High Chair: the new Fleur down in Fleurville

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