September 15, 2008

Beh Is For Bazooka: OG Iranian Coloring Book


Remember the 1980's, when Iran and Iraq were fighting a bloody, nearly decade-long war? Yeah, neither does anyone else, now that the two countries are all curled up in bed together with the Shi'ites tucked under their chins. [sorry, couldn't resist.]

Anyway, here's a coloring book from the good old days. It was used to teach Iranian kids the Farsi alphabet--and if they learned the joys of firing a bazooka at an Iraqi tank, well, that's just a bonus.

Farsi Alphabet coloring book backstory
and photo gallery [somethingawful via metafilter, thanks dt reader eric]

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The letter at the top is (not surprisingly) "B" and the word below the man is (phonetically) "bazooka" -- the same as English.

See? Different cultures, but we share so much.

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