September 12, 2008

DTQ: How Many Diapers Does It Take Before You Realize The Whole Pack Is Bad?

So you're going along, changing the kid's diaper, and she's covered in sodium polyacrylate crumbs, so much it looks like someone sprinkled parmesan cheese all over her butt. But you just wipe it all off, and put the new one on.

And then it happens again a few hours later, it's like someone cracked a snow globe open in her pants.

Seriously, do you ever say, "screw it, this entire pack of diapers Pampers Cruisers purchased at CVS is just defective, I'm taking it back?" Un-freakin-likely.


This (kind of) happened to me recently with Huggies I'd bought at Target -- the tabs ripped off about seven pair in a row, rendering them totally useless.

Despite Target's notoriously draconian returns policy, they were actually willing to swap my open package + broken diapers for a new package.

Not so sure how you'd fare with CVS

Try calling the company and whining. They usually send you a ton of stuff, including a fresh pack of diapers.

or email them if you're too lazy to call...
I emailed to complain about some change in Pampers (I forget what) and they sent me some coupons for a few free packs.

Lazy: I think you hit the nail on the head. hauling my butt to the store seems like a whiny waste of time, but writing an angry email? It's like free money!

If you don't have the packaging anymore (for lot # information), I think all the diapers have some sort of identifying number printed on them directly. Definitely call!

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