September 12, 2008

Behold, The Ur-Leather High Chair


After seeing Monte Design's new Tavo, I thought I'd research the vast, untold history of leather high chairs, and here it is: one chair.

One, Masterpiece Theatre-ready, wingback leather high chair/low chair/potty chair submitted to some author's website by someone who said it's "over 70 years old," and which some auctioneer says, "seems to be a 20th century production" worth about 60 bucks.

From the snaps, I can't quite tell what that wheel-looking thing is on the back leg, or how this chair doesn't collapse into a pile of sticks when it's not in TV tray mode. But I didn't think TV was that old.


Meanwhile, a leather wingback potty is something I'd like to see more of. I have a friend who grew up in a Stanford White house in Newport, and the toilet in their powder room is surrounded by an actual carved wood chair. Awesomest thing you ever saw.

Auction Appraisals - Jane Cleland Official Mystery Site []


Some high chair/table combos of this era are hinged. The "wheel-looking thing" on the legs lets you pick up the chair and drag or pull the combination along on the wheels when it's in the chair/table configuration.

Presumably the wheels are only on one side to prevent the whole thing from skittering across the floor unbidden.

The wheels on the back is to fold chair out and fold opp way. It sits on the floor like a larger table and becomes a walker. Strange looking but I guess for the times...50's very sports and top of the line. As for the leather...I would think someone just redid the chair. Mine is like a old high chair..spindle type but folds out with wheels. Looks more like something out of the house of pain.

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