September 10, 2008

Monte Tavo High Chair Debuts At ABC Kids Expo


I'm not seeing a lot of reporting or imagery coming out of the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, but even if I did, this sweet high chair would stand out.

It's called the Tavo, and it's by Monte Design, regular DT advertisers who also happen to be Canada's favorite modern glidermakers. Monte have been steadily expanding their kids collection over the last year. The Tavo is made in Canada from bonded leather [a recycled material made of 80% leather and latex, much like your Bible cover] with a maple hardwood base. No tray, it just slides up to or under the table.

The seat's shape reminds me of Ben Af Schulten's classic high chair for Artek , but the color and the upholstered, cushioned element feels very fresh.

Monte also introduced the Alto, a rocker variant of their signature glider, the Luca. Not clear whether it's available in bible cover, though. Ah, I checked. It is not. Suede microfiber and all the other Luca fabrics, you betcha.

Tavo high chair by Monte Design, in stores this fall, $345 []
Alto rocker, $795, showing up now []


Hmm, I'm getting that diner dive brown booster seat vibe off of this...

On top of a Stephan Gip-style stacking restaurant high chair, perhaps?

There's another interesting high chair I keep walking past here, that has two mirror imaged seats (?) and can be flipped around from one to the other on a hinge (??). I haven't been able to figure it out from walking past, and my exhibitor badge keeps me from stopping and asking for a demo, but I'll see if I can at least get a name tomorrow. Looks a bit like this though, if this one had a second seat attached upside down to the bottom of the main seat.

And have you seen the new David Netto crib? They took the neotraditional turned post thing from last year and turned it up a dozen notches.

Do you mean the HiLo high chair by Age Design?

And I assume you're talking about the Louis crib, which I've only seen a tiny picture of so far. Looks crazy

Yeah, that's the chair. Guess I missed them last year. They've got a decent sized booth with a bunch of them.

The vendor to buyer ratio must be at least 3-1 now, and they added an extra day, so it's like the beginning of 28 Days Later out here./

I've been writing about stuff I saw at ABC for this year. They're not the most clever blog entries I've ever written, but I'm trying to get them out as quickly as possible.

I missed the Monte Tavo high chair, but I did see some great new stuff (and a ton of not so great stuff). The coolest high chair I saw this year was from Bloom - the Dina folding high chair (it folds up to about two inches wide). The show was overwhelming for everyone (vendors, buyers and media alike) and reminds me a lot more of CES than anything.

If you're interested, here's a page where all my ABG stuff is aggregated:

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