September 9, 2008

Domo-Kun Shilling For Target? Or Vice Versa?


DT reader Caitlin wonders "how I feel about Domo shilling for Target."

I feel it's all going perfectly according to the merchandising and TV plan that Big Tent Entertainment crafted 2.5 years ago when they licensed the character from Japanese public television network NHK, then spent the first year letting the indie, anime, nerd, craft and online world do their viral marketing for them before they launched their Nicktoons TV show and their barrage of merchandise.

Domo for Target []
July 2007: Hello, Kitschy [nyt]
update 10/08: Eric Nakamura laments Domo-kun's death-by-shitty-merchandise []


Ha! Shows how naive & out-of-the-loop I am. I guess I have seen the little guy around quite a bit...

My imported plush Domo was insanely expensive when I bought it 5+ years ago. So I was pleased to stumble across Domo at Target and pick up a few items at normal prices.

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