September 4, 2008

Little Riggin': UK Dad Makes A Mini Foden Just Like His


After 150 years of British lorrymaking, Foden ceased production in 2006. Which, coincidentally? is when a truck driving dad in Herefordshire named Paul started making a kid-sized replica of his own Foden rig. Now it's done, and it looks pretty fantastic.

There are more pictures at I'd love to see the build for this thing, not to mention some more of is functionality. But frankly, I'm just happy to see a red, white and blue truck in the UK, because it gives me all the excuse I need to watch Nizlopi's awesome JCB Song animation again. I know Optimus Prime was not a Foden, but it still warms the cockneys of me heart.


Honey I shrunk the Kids..and the Foden too. New Foden trucks on a slighter 'smaller' scale admits Biglorryblog.. [ via dt reader dt]

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