August 29, 2008

Those Don't Sound Like Working Class Names To Me

First off as an Obama man myself, and not knowing anything at all about her before today, I must say Sarah Palin seems like an excellent VP pick for John McCain.

Were they to win the election, I would hope McCain will give America the chance to appreciate a family who welcomes a baby with Down Syndrome into their home before he flies off the handle at Russia or whoever, launches a nuclear first strike, and destroys human civilization as we know it.

And even if when they don't win, I have to congratulate the Todd and Sarah Palin, as well as Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig, for winning the Awesomely Upscale Baby Name Sweepstakes five kids in a row. Nicely done.

Sarah Palin bio | National Governors' Association []


So who's the NASCAR fan? Track is obvious. Bristol (Motor Speedway)? Willow (Springs Raceway)? Not seeing the connection for Trig or Piper, but maybe I'm just missing it.

On a serious note, is she ready to be president in the very unlikely even that McCain doesn't live another eight years? Yeah, she's a governor, but the population of Alaska is smaller than the population of the Knoxville, TN metro area.

Well, she's apparently lying and claiming executive privilege in a case of abusing her office for a personal vendetta. Even if she doesn't shoot her mistress's friend in the face in the next two months, I say she's ready to be vice president.

Then we all just hope McCain's dementia and cancer don't flare up. Really, I don't see your point.

As for Trig, Celebrity Baby posted in April that it's a family name. Meanwhile, his middle name, Paxson, is a favorite snowmobiling area. His other middle name, Van, is probably just so he can pretend to be European later. Also, Van Palin? That's a pretty obvious shoutout. Also, she was in Texas when her water broke, and she gave a speech, then flew back to AK and gave birth. She sounds tougher'n a whole clip of Cheneys. Bristol's a Bay, Willow's from Buffy, and I can only assume Piper is named after the family bush plane where she was conceived. That just leaves Track.

Oh I agree, she's probably ready to be VP. But there's a better than normal chance she'll end up taking the presidential oath in a hospital room somewhere. Is she ready? (That's not a point, but an actual question. I don't have especially strong feelings for either candidate.)

I didn't know anything about her other than her name and occupation until this morning. I'm not a big believer in the idea that you need some particular experience to be a president, as there aren't many jobs that can remotely prepare you for the presidency. This is the kind of offbeat, mavericky choice I would have expected from the Original John McCain, before he sold out to win the nomination.

This is pretty far off topic too, sorry about that. Hopefully it doesn't devolve into the usual crap.

From The Frontiersman, Wasilla Alaska's local rag upon the birth of her fourth child.

Wasilla's mayor gives birth
WASILLA The population of the city of Wasilla edged up by one on Monday, when Mayor Sarah Palin gave birth to a daughter, Piper Indi Grace Palin, at 11:37 a.m.

Piper joins her brother, Track, and sisters, Bristol and Willow, in the growing Palin family. Reached at home Wednesday, the baby's father, Todd Palin, described his youngest daughter in two words: "just perfect."
Palin said Piper's name was in keeping with Alaska and sports theme names she and her husband have given their children. Besides, "I've always loved the name Piper," she said. Indi isn't just a snowmachine name, but an abbreviated form of "independence."

Todd Palin revealed the meaning behind another part of the youngest Palin's name. Grace, he said, was "for the grace of God." The mayor said the busy family was going to slow down and "savor" the first few days with Piper, because after three children they know how special and fleeting time with an infant can be.

Oh yeah, gotta love this choice.

the fate of the nation notwithstanding, you gotta give a high five to a guy who names his kids after fishing spots, snowmobile fields, and snowmobiles themselves...

Yep... certainly gotta love a woman who gives birth to a baby with down syndrome and then three months later decides to run for the Vice President. I certainly hope the baby loves his nanny(ies) because he's going to be seeing a lot more of them.

Also -- kinda funny no one had heard of this woman and Mccain had only met her once... and yet she's young and pretty and very similar to McCain's wife...


I'm just glad they didn't name one of them "Drome."

Because that would be Palin, Drome.

I hope the eldest daughter doesn't spend too much time in London as a young lady. Cockney rhyming slang would not be kind to her.

Well, seeing as she's 17 and pregnant, I don't think Bristol will be traveling overseas anytime soon...

Seems like Palin represents the kind of Change Obama keeps talking about, rather than the 40 year Washington insider he selected.

I keep noticing that whenever Sarah appears in public with her family, neither her nor her husband Todd are photographed holding Trig. What gives?

I'm watching her speech right now; Todd was holding Trig for a while. And Cindy McCain and the little kid.

And now it's over, and she's holding him now on stage. He's big.

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