August 29, 2008

Did Muji Have Kids Furniture Before? Because They Have It Now


Maybe I just didn't notice Muji's kids furniture when we were in Japan because it was so plain-looking.

The plain, square-legged pine table sure is plain-looking.


And the most notable thing to be said about the rounded leg table and chair made out of beech is that they look like they'd be great for a pre-school.


But seriously, I stared long and hard at Muji's cardboard modular storage system every time I got near it, trying to figure out how I could bring enough of it home to be useful. So I think I'd remember a folding cardboard kids bench as awesome as this one. Awesome and also plain.


No, it must be new, or else I would have brought some home by now.

Pine children's table, 3,500 yen [all, all japan only]
Muji children's beech chair, 8.900 yen
Muji children's beech table, 12,600 yen
Muji folding cardboard children's bench, 1,890 yen


I seem to remember rocking chairs or something like that but all this looks new... the folding bench in particular. A couple of those would rock for using as the base of a DIY kitchen playset; the gears are turning already...

DO you have a Website for Muji? I am looking for a chair like this one. Thanks you.

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