August 25, 2008

Now That's A Sale? Or Is Half Off The New Retail For American Apparel?


Am I just oblivious? Is American Apparel always this cheap on Amazon?

I mean, six bucks for the karate pants K2 basically lives in is a great price, but I don't know how urgent or limited time only this is. Used to be you could get American Apparel at basically wholesale with little hassle. These prices on Amazon get pretty close to those good old days.

Baby Products | 25% - 50% off | American Apparel [amazon]


but shipping eats up $5.49 of the $5.99 you're saving.

i guess if you buy a ton at once it would be worth it.

There are almost always deals on American Apparel on Amazon (via third party retailers like that.) I've had success ordering it, although I did have one situation that came up... I was ordering matching hoodie and pants for my daughter's halloween costume last year. The retailer accepted my order, but later told me that they were out of one of my two items - AFTER they had already shipped the first. So then I was stuck having to pay shipping twice in order to get the matching piece from another retailer. Other than that, I think it's a great deal!

Yeah, they are always that cheap. BUT the shipping from those retailers are insane.

Have you seen the negative reviews? Some say that these pants shrink by like 1 inch and that the quality of the fabric is not that great. Anybody has any experience buying this particular item from amazon?

assuming they're just regular American Apparel things? They're fine; we have a ton of them. They run a little small, but they're simple, easy, plain, and not too expensive. Not that I know anything about these retailers, though; it kind of bugs to shop at Amazon, only to find that you're actually buying from ye randome shoppe somewhere--and paying multiple shipping charges, etc.

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