August 23, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld x Steiff Bear Mashup Scarier'n A Roomful Of Dolls


I don't care how many Diet Coke butlers you send my way. Come September, don't let me find out you got one of the 2,500 ridiculous Karl Lagerfeld bears Steiff is selling at places like Colette and Neiman Marcus. If your quarterly budget for Insufferable Fashion Narcissism still has fifteen hundred dollars in it, blow it on something practical, like a stack of children's cashmere sweaters from Little Marc.

Lagerfeld [above, right] told W Magazine, "Nothing scares me more than people with some doll collection. Frightening." Until he came out with his own doll, I would have agreed.

Bear Market [ via gawker]
Ugh. "A unique and unusual collaboration that shows us, one more time, how Lagerfeld is always on the avant garde." [ via highsnobiety]

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