August 21, 2008

How Many Evel Knievel Tricycles Do You Think Are Still Out There?


I'll take a flying leap--hehe, yes, pun totally intended--and say, uh, not that many. Maybe a hundred? A dozen? Only two mentions of a 1975 AMF Evel Knievel tricycle seem to have gotten themselves embedded in the auto-compiled text that spammers use to infiltrate search engine results.

The larger-scale Evel Knievel BMX bike with the motorcycle revving sound effects handle grip is revered by Bicentennial-remembering collectors; one's even being offered on Craigslist right now for $1,500. But of course it is. It was their very first bike, the one that got them into BMX'ing in the first place. It made an awesome sound, the sound that got them into motorcycling in the first place. And if nothing else, it was Evel freakin' Knievel, man! Thanks to the visceral memories they evoke, the bikes are safe forever and will get the preservation and restoration they need.

The tricycles are a different story. Who fixates on his first tricycle? Whose formative daredevil memories involved a tricycle, or a tiny, little walking chopper? No, most of these things got tossed out with the Carter Administration.

Which should make them all the more awesome and desirable for the current tricycle demographic. The hunt is on.

via Evel Knievel bicycle on Craigslist [dinosaursandrobots]
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My sister and I had one of these sweet trikes when we were kids in the late 70s\80s. it was hers first, but then it was my turn. I could pop wheelies like nobodys business with that sucker. We sold it in a friggin' garage sale in the early 1990s. I have been looking for one every since I got all growed up and had kids. I can't even find a picture on the web, I doubt there are many left at all.

I have one and its not 1500. !! If your serious e-mail me for pics @ Dave.

i have the trike in the center of the photo above.. e-mail @ for pics.

I had one when I was a kid,, we gave it away when I was still small,, would love to get me hands back on it.

Heres a link with a Newspaper add of the trike.
It was sold at $29.88 back in 1976.,6108725

I'm actively looking for the trike..second from right in the pic!

I was cleaning out my dad's garage and found a Evel Knievel Shortster brand new in the box from 1979! It is in original box never been opened! Does anyone know how i can find out what the value of this is and is there anyone interested in buying it?????

I just found one of these in my Ma's garage. It's the "spirit of '76" version (second from the right in pic above) and it is very tough to find any information on these at all. Been searching all day and all i can find is this post, some old eBay auction from that will only tell you the worth if you pay for a membership, an old Lowe's add from original sales, and a few Youtube vids.

I have pictures of it if you need em, it's kinda beat up, but it all looks original. I've got a bunch of questions if anyone can lend me some answers... What is it worth? How would I restore it or should I even restore it at all? Is there someone or somewhere else I can go to get more info on the trike?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

T. Hood

Oh and btw, you can get a hold of me either by facebook or emailing me. I'll probaby put pictures on facebook just to make it easier.


I had the trike that's second from the right in the early 80's! Wished I still had it! Would love to find on that I could afford!

I've got a AMX kneivel three wheeler would like to know how much it's worth.

I have a plastic Evil Kneival pedal chopper trike I'd say late 70s to early 80s lookn for a value.

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