August 21, 2008

Evel Knievel Electric Toothbrush

Holy smokes, I just checked, and the kid has eight toothbrushes, nine if you count the ToothTunes Junior musical toothbrush a publicist recently sent. [1] It turns the kid's skull into a soundbox; she hears "Hakuna Matata" inside her head as she brushes. And that's actually her second electronic toothbrush; the first was from the dentist, and it has a little LED that either blinks until or after your 30 seconds of vigorous brushing is up, I can't remember.


The electric toothbrush she doesn't have, though, is right here, in the design patent issued to Marvin Glass & Associates in 1975: the Evel Knievel Toothbrush and Holder shaped like the Sky Cycle. The toothbrush actually made it from patent to production, unlike the real Sky Cycle, which plummeted into the Snake River on live TV. I suspect it does not play "Hakuna Matata."

ToothTunes' publicist was wise not to send either the Hannah Montana or HS Musical versions []
Toothebrush and Holder Therefor, 1975 [google patents]
Evel Knievel Toothbrush [flickr via john's extensive EK collection]
I'm such a lazy blogger update:Non-Toxic Reviews made a whole video review of ToothTunes. []

[1] We at DTHQ don't keep samples, generally. Though if the publicist for the Mercedes B200 Turbo is reading this, I'm sure we can work it out so you don't have to deal with return paperwork...

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Not to plug my site or nothin'... but I think you'll enjoy this video demo of both the Hakuna Matata and Hannah Montana Tooth Tunes toothbrush. I make no warranties against any dirty thoughts you may harbor by the end of the demo

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