August 18, 2008

I'm Gonna Learn Gear/Diaper Jiu Jitsu? Amazon Registry/7th Gen $750/$250 Megadeal

Amazon is in the middle of their biggest Diapers-N-Kickbacks promotion ever. Only this time, instead of buying $100 of diapers and getting $30 back to spend on Amazon merchandise, they've completely flipped it around.

Alright, you may need a pencil for this one. Start diagramming.... NOW:

1) If you set up a baby registry on Amazon, and

2) you, your friends, your family, your whoever buys $750 from it before Sept. 30th,

3) you will receive what they're calling "Six Months of Free Diapers" from Seventh Generation.

4) Meanwhile, you'll call it a whopping $250 credit to spend on 7th Gen diapers between now and next summer.

You got that? $750 bought off your registry, $250 credit towards 7th Gen diapers.

Clearly, Amazon is trying to get people to set up and promote baby registries to their friends and family. Clearly, Seventh Generation is trying to instill in you the habit of buying and using their diapers.

Which is all fine and dandy. But you could conceivably put a single, big-ticket item into a registry--say, a Bugaboo or an Oeuf Crib--then buy it, and arbitrage your way to $250 of savings.

And you could create a registry even after the kid is born. You don't even have to register for baby products; it could be a flatscreen tv, for the nursery, naturally.

Check out the details, and if you're ready, set up and shop from your registry [amazon via dt reader ponch]

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We did this a few weeks ago. Set up a baby registry, put the digital camcorder in there that we want, bought it, and qualified for the free diapers. Baby's not due till November so we'll hold off on using that credit, but we thought it was a pretty sweet deal.

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