August 16, 2008

Visionary Obama, Protector Of American Children, Threatens To Ban All Chinese-Made Toys

Finally, a leader who refuses to pander to the giant corporations and foreign demons who threaten the greatness of this Nation!

On December 19th, at a campaign appearance in Concord, NH, Senator Barack Obama boldly answered a citizen's question--a question which I can't find transcribed or recorded anywhere--about how he would respond to the deadly deluge of lead-tainted toys that flowed into the US from China last year:

I would stop the import of all toys from China. Now, I have to say that that's about 80 percent of toys that are being imported right now..."
I assume there was more to that sentence, but when presented with such bold, decisive, Country First leadership, who cares??

After Obama's brave vision was criticized by corrupt Chinese officials eager to maintain their stranglehold on America's lucrative lead toy market, an earnest Obama spokesman stood firm, issuing an even more pointed threat:

A spokesman for Obama, Josh Earnest, said the candidate had been referring in New Hampshire to banning "toys that contain more than a trace level of lead, coming from China or anywhere else."
Right, that's exactly what he was referring to! Lead toys from China or anywhere else, which are about 80 percent of toys being imported right now. That's awesome! Now watch the flip-flopping hypocrisy as the other candidates all scramble to adopt Obama's most excellent policy proposal. It might take them up to four months, but mark my words, they'll fall in line.

12/19/07, the comments are awesome like this post: Obama: Stop Chinese Toy Imports [thecaucus@nytimes]
12/24/07, protecting America from Godless Communists. On Christmas Eve!: Obama Defends Toy-Ban Stance Against China's Foreign Ministry []
04/08, after crisis has passed: Aging McCain endorses Obama ban on all Chinese toys


Can't he just be president now?

I love the people complaining that it will destroy the toy industry. I care why?

How ironic! Obama cares for our children...
Guys open your eyes
Read this
Obama's record in Illinois represents that of a pragmatic progressive, who pushed for moderate reforms and opposed right-wing legislation. In the IL legislature, voting "present" is the equivalent of voting "no" because a majority of "yes" votes are required for passage. Many IL legislators use the "present" vote as an evasion on an unpopular choice, so that they can avoid being targeted for voting "no." During the 2004 Democratic primary, an opponent mocked Obama's "present" vote on abortion bills with flyers portraying a rubber duck and the words, "He ducked!".

In 1997, Obama voted against SB 230, which would have turned doctors into felons by banning so-called partial-birth abortion, & against a 2000 bill banning state funding. Although these bills included an exception to save the life of the mother, they didn't include anything about abortions necessary to protect the health of the mother. The legislation defined a fetus as a person, & could have criminalized virtually all abortion.

Can he not be president now or never?

The man who believes that if during a late term abortion, if they baby is still alive, the doctor could starve the baby to death and not be incriminated...

Good thing this law nev

I knew you'd like it, and yeah, it's ironic. Especially when I post it using the exact phrase I ridiculed McCain with last week. There are some differences, though, not the least of which is the total absence of context for Obama's ban statement [i.e., the question he was answering, the rest of his sentence, his subsequent point about setting up CPSC inspectors in China, the way Japan does] But there's no doubt that his spokesman tried a takeback with his "what Obama MEANT" restatement a few days later. If that wasn't the exact kind of "No, you're misinterpreting me! I didn't mean what I said when it turned out I was totally, obviously wrong" takeback that McCain gets away with a dozen times a week [Czechoslovakia, the Iraq/Iran, AQI training in Iran, Iraq/Pakistan border], it'd be more annoying. But the fact is that Obama had a consumer product safety policy proposal in November, before he mentioned a ban, and his spokesman backpedaled/restated/corrected/whatever his ban statement four days later using the Nov. policy as a reference. Has McCain admitted his mistake, or qualified his statement, or corrected the media's misrepresentation [sic] of it, even? Because I didn't find anything remotely like that when I was researching the post last week. Feel free to share.

But also provide the source, so people can judge the veracity of it. That "Read this" cut-n-paste is scattered across various anti-abortion messageboards, always without attribution. Frankly, the part about "pragmatic progressive" who "opposed right-wing legislation" sounds kind of appealing to anyone who's not in the right wing. But that IL legislature stuff is factually incorrect, and deliberately misleading. Some of that language appears in/lifted from Joe Corsi's new book, Obama Nation, a completely noncredible, extreme and bad faith source in my analysis. The abortion bill dodging in particluar was thoroughly debunked in Media Matters' lengthy factchecking of the book. The Obama campaign has issued its own 40-something page response pointing out both the book's factual errors and the instances of Corsi's deliberate misleading and misrepresentations. And as a bonus, there are examples of Corsi's many other crazytalk and offensive views. So have at it.

Sorry, but that's why Copy and paste exists... To be used.

Just cite your source and/or provide a link. it's why the web be used.

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