August 16, 2008

Sesame Street Is Made By Crazy Theater People!

Holy smokes, I get it now! The gratuitous pop culture references, the fawning cameos by celebrities no child has ever heard of, it all makes sense! Sesame Street is created by aging theater people and puppeteers who are righttheresoclose to the actual theater world they can practically taste it. Also, they're freaks!

On Aug. 9, 250 people gathered in Studio J at the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, where the couple exchanged vows on a staircase of the "Sesame Street" set.

Their wackiness was resplendently on display. Ms. Evans [a writer for the show] wore a gold lamé Grecian toga designed by Mr. Robinson [a puppeteer]. He sported a silver silk suit with a duster topcoat that skimmed the floor, and a ghoulish tie tack he had made from a prosthetic eyeball.

Ms. Evans wrote the script for their ceremony, which featured Oscar the Grouch popping out of a garbage can to heckle the pair about the long and winding road they'd taken to their wedding day.

lovable freaks, but still. FREAKS!

Vows | Annie Evans and Martin Robinson [nytimes]

No sooner were they pronounced legally wed by the Rev. K. Karpen, a United Methodist minister, than Mr. Robinson caused pandemonium with his surprise announcement that Ms. Evans is pregnant and expecting twins in March. While their friends and family cheered, a string quartet played a sassy recessional of "Making Whoopee."

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