August 14, 2008

Diaper Bag Full Yet? Skip*Hop Is Gettin' Into The Toy Business


Having successfully branched out beyond diaper bags into the baby-related countertop accessory and playroom floormat markets, Skip*Hop has launched a soft, fuzzy toy collection. There are 14 pieces, optimally sized for the floor, the babyhand, and the stroller bracket. They are presented in two lovely themes: Garden Floral and Outer Space.



I've completely and inadvertently ignored Garden Floral. Outer Space, meanwhile, includes a rocket, a taggy, melon-sized ball, and, uh, these awesome, building-shaped building blocks. I can only assume the toys all fit together to re-enact the story of the classic Ben Affleck-saves-Earth-from-a-meteor film, Armageddon:


Skip*Hop toys are turning up in Babies R Us stores right now. Watch for Gigli and Jersey Girl collections to follow. [via skip*hop's pr]
note: skip*hop has provided prizes and sponsored some drawings on daddytypes.

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Hmmm... Always thought they should've stuck with what they do best. Bags! So say branch off from Diaper bags to useful little kids school bags. Then keep growing with their customers adding larger sizes for older kids. Could even consider cashing in on the ever changing airline bag sizes( carry-ons, checked & specialty bags say for strollers or sports & video equipment)!!!

I guess they see themselves as a Baby goods mfg. As opposed to a specialty bags mfg. I suspect quite a few other of their customers may...

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