August 14, 2008

Das Boot Mit Zwei Kinder


The NY Times has a nice-but-crazy story about artist Brad Hwang and his family who live aboard the Odin, a 98-foot barge in Berlin. Hwang built out most of the spaces himself, starting with the playroom for the two kids. Check out the bunk-over-crib setup in the kids' room, and the cameo appearance by the Stokke Tripp Trapp in the galley, too. All in all, an unusual, very small, very down-to-earth space.

In Berlin, Life Aboard A Houseboat [nyt]


Safety be damned, I love the little escape route in the crib (aka the removed dowels). I'm sure the little one who sleeps there loves that (s)he can get in and out unassisted. Innovative parent-think (never mind the awesomeness of the rest of the boat)!

This boat is awsome...brings back memories. My brother and I grew up in 32 foot sailboat. My brother was born in Mexico and my mother built his crib in a storage hole under their V birth bed. It had a canvas and mesh opening that clipped to the underside of the bunk. I had a whole bunk to myself. Dad built a bookshelf on one end, a toy box in the other and my clothing stashed in a canvas hammock along the wall...they have more clothing on their ship than we ever did...of course they get winter there. :) Boy what I would have given to have a playroom...

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